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Sizes Available For Order

 2'x 2'   2'x 4'   2'x 5'

Standard Accessories Include

Four inner wall type foundations constructed of hot dipped galvanized steel with zinc coating. The floor is constructed of 3/4' fiberglass reinforced plywood with an anti-skid texture and 1/2" insulation on top of metal panels. Also included; laminated HDPE shelving, insulation, insulation, conduit knockouts, relay bars, ventilation fan with thermostat, LED light fixture, cable risers, and aerial outlets.

Custom sizing available


Galvanized Steel Foundations for Houses, Cases, Signals & Cantilevers.

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Standard Sizes Available For Order

6'x 6'   5'x 5'   4'x 6'   4'x 4'

All instrument houses are insulated with Thermax AG or equivalent.

All sizes include the following accessories:

  • Plywood Terminal Boards

  • Plywood Shelves

  • Insulation

  • Conduit Knockouts

  • Relay Bars

  • Wire Ties

  • Ventilation Fan with Thermostat

  • Cable Risers

  • Aerial Outlets

  • Incandescent Light Fixtures or Fluorescent

Custom sizing available


Maintain the grade around signal equipment and prevent erosion with our full line of pre-built panels.

Standard Height 4’ tall & 6’ tall

Design services and customization also available


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