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At Serrmi Products, our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to deliver superior products, exceptional quality, and an unmatched level of professionalism. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your complete satisfaction with the exceptional range of instrument houses and cases we offer.

Elevate Your Expectations: Instrument Houses and Cases Engineered to Perfection

Our instrument houses and cases are meticulously crafted to the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability, durability, and precise adherence to our customer's specifications. Whether you require solutions for the railroad, electrical, utilities, communications, telecommunications, petrochemical, solar, or generator industries, our products consistently surpass all industry standards.

Unmatched Quality: Exceeding Expectations in Every Application

At Serrmi Products, our commitment to superior quality extends across a wide range of applications. With our products, you can trust that your requirements for railroad, electrical, utilities, communications, telecommunications, petrochemical, solar, and generator projects will be not only met but surpassed. We consistently go above and beyond to provide solutions that meet your exact needs and deliver exceptional performance.

Experience the Serrmi Products difference today, and discover the pinnacle of excellence in instrument houses and cases. With our dedication to superior craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and unmatched customer satisfaction, we are ready to exceed your highest expectations.

Superior Products | Exceptional Quality | Unmatched Professionalism

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Serrmi was born out of a need to provide high-quality, customized signal solutions for the railroad industry. Brothers Larry Seward III and Dustin Seward brought Serrmi to Pittsburg, Kansas and have since built a highly qualified team of engineering and manufacturing professionals poised to produce made-to-order product solutions.



Discover Serrmi's exceptional range of products, meticulously designed to prioritize safety, quality, and functionality. Proudly manufactured in the United States, our offerings are certified to the rigorous American Association of Railroad M-1003 Standards, ensuring the highest level of performance and reliability.

Each Serrmi house and case features stainless steel three-point latching systems, guaranteeing a secure and tight closure. Our cast aluminum exterior door handles are designed to accommodate standard padlocks, ensuring enhanced security. Moreover, house doors are equipped with interior handles for convenient access when the enclosure is occupied.

We utilize premium materials to construct our houses and cases. Walls, roof, and floor panels are made from 0.100" Aluminum, Alloy 3003-H14, providing exceptional strength and resilience. Doors are crafted from 0.125" Aluminum, Alloy 3003-H14, ensuring long-lasting performance. The structural material used in each house and case is Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, known for its superior durability.

Serrmi understands the importance of durability in all weather conditions. That's why our external hardware is either galvanized steel or stainless steel, effectively resisting weather-related corrosion. For the interior, we use stainless or zinc plated steel hardware, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

Choose Serrmi for reliable, American-made products that prioritize safety, quality, and functionality. Experience the difference today!

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