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All Serrmi Products are designed to incorporate safety, quality, and functionality. Manufacturing is performed in the United States and certified to the American Association of Railroad M-1003 Standards. Each house and case are welded under the current American Welding Society specifications by certified welders.

Each house and case doors are equipped with stainless steel three-point latching systems to ensure a tight closure. The exterior door handles are made of cast aluminum and will accept standard padlocks. House doors include an interior handle for use when the enclosure is occupied.

Walls, roof and floor panels are constructed of 0.100” Aluminum, Alloy 3003-H14. Doors are constructed of 0.125” Aluminum, Alloy 3003- H14. The structural material used in each house and case is Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6.

House floors are constructed of interlocking panels. After fabrication, the floors are sealed to prevent insect and weather damage.

External hardware is either galvanized steel or stainless steel to resist weather-related corrosion. Interior hardware is either stainless or zinc plated steel.

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