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Seward III

President, Co-Owner

CDL Electric - Headshot -Larry Seward_edited.jpg

Larry Seward III, more commonly referred to as “Bear”, serves as President of Serrmi Products where he oversees the company’s three divisions. While he was pursuing a Construction Management degree, he helped start CDL Electric Company’s wiring division, developing his expertise related to producing high-quality signal bungalows. Several years later, he played a pivotal role in bringing Serrmi to Pittsburg, expanding the vertical integration into metal manufacturing of the bungalows themselves. At Serrmi, Bear has overseen the expansion of production capacity in both volume and number of services offered to our valued rail customers. 


In his previous role as Vice President of National Signs at CDL Electric Company, he continually expanded the company’s production areas and successfully helped to increase the efficiency and productivity, improving the overall focus on high standards delivered for customers. Bear’s first job was working at Seward Cattle Company, which he is now the proud owner of. 


He attended Colgan High School and was an All-State Football Defensive Lineman before pursuing his degree at Pittsburg State University. He is a Freemason at Marvin A. Armstrong Lodge 187.

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