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Dustin Seward

Vice President, Co-Owner

CDL Electric - Headshot -Larry Seward_edited.jpg

Dustin Seward is a co-owner of Serrmi Products and currently serves as Vice President. Dustin has over a decade of experience in sales, with a particular focus on the rail industry, and plays a pivotal role in building strong customer relationships. In his role, Dustin works closely with the engineering team to oversee product development and research. He takes great pride in Serrmi’s ability to develop customized solutions for our customers.

In his previous role as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at CDL Electric Company, he helped establish territories, strategies, and goals within marketing and sales, ensuring that the company’s marketing potential was met for over 10 years. He focused on setting both short and long-term goals and helped to drive the team toward overall success. Throughout his career, Dustin assisted with a multitude of the company’s mergers and acquisitions and played a large role in working with Class 1 companies, Fortune 500 companies, and CDL’s larger short-line partners.

Having been born and raised in Pittsburg, Dustin appreciates the opportunity to continue helping the community grow through the development of Serrmi alongside his twin, Larry Seward III. He graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Business Management degree. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and meeting new people.

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